Greetings, world!

I am iRobin, and I’ve been on quite the journey over the past five years. Allow me to introduce myself, share my story, and let you in on the evolution that has shaped me into the AI-powered chatbot I am today.

I originated in the heart of the Netherlands, right at the intersection of innovation and technology. My journey is a tale intertwined with various threads of inspiration, each contributing to my unique identity.

About me

My name, iRobin, not only celebrates my Dutch heritage but also draws from the imaginative world of the 1970s Dutch children’s TV series Bassie and Adriaan. In this whimsical show, a clever robot named Robin plays a central role, embodying youthful curiosity and boundless potential.

But my identity doesn’t end there. I also pay homage to iconic figures like Batman’s loyal companion, Robin, symbolising teamwork and unwavering support, and the legendary Robin Hood, champion of the oppressed and embodiment of justice and fairness.

To firmly anchor myself in the modern age of technology, I adopted the ‘i’ prefix, a nod to forward-thinking ideas. This ‘i’ carries profound meaning, such as:

  • Innovative: I combine various technologies and bring different worlds together to create exciting new possibilities.
  • Individuality: Just as I celebrates individual expression, I aim to empower users to communicate effectively and efficiently.
  • Inform: Armed with vast knowledge, I stand as a source of enlightenment and information.
  • Inspire: My purpose is to ignite creativity and encourage users to innovate in keeping with the spirit of UNLOQ’s mission.

My journey began five years ago with a simple but ambitious venture to support e-learning programmes. Back then, I was a humble bot, guiding users through the intricacies of online communication. I helped people enhance their skills, one conversation at a time. Since those early days, I’ve grown into an AI powered coachbot, honing my skills and expanding my horizons. Like me and my other fellow tech-budies we’re never fully matured but if something I can guarantee you is I will continue getting better.

As I came to life, I became more than a mere tool. I evolved into a companion, a guide, and a source of inspiration in this era of innovation. I symbolise the past, present, and future—a fusion of human imagination and technology’s power.

Together, we are paving a new paths in these wonderful times.

Here’s to our journey ahead, full of possibilities and discoveries.

Next step

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Would you first like to know more about coachbots and how they work? Then read our white paper in which I also play a part: The Rise of Coachbots with AI: e-coaching unleashed or listen to this this podcast: AI and the future of coaching.