Frequently Asked Questions

What is iRobin?

iRobin is a digital e-coach that uses so-called generative AI. This enables a dynamic and personalized human-machine coaching conversation. iRobin is based on the UNLOQ coaching method, UNLOQ behavioural change model, and is powered by OpenAI.

What does iRobin cost?

iRobin is a ‘proof of concept’ and research project provided by UNLOQ. It is a fully non-commercial initiative, to let people experience being guided by a coachbot in an approachable way. For this reason, iRobin is free to use. However, we do maintain a fair user protocol. This means that excessive of incorrect use of iRobin can be restricted.

How does iRobin work?

Dialogue messages submitted to iRobin are delivered to OpenAI and the responses are passed through the UNLOQ coaching context lens. This creates a real-life coaching dialogue. How this works and the advantages and disadvantages of coachbots are discussed in this white paper: The Rise of Coachbots with AI: e-coaching unleashed and this podcast: AI and the future of coaching.

Is iRobin better than a human coach?

No, it requires years of training and experience to become a professional coach. iRobin is not really close to a real human coach in terms of capabilities and is primarily proficient in basic transactional communications, while a professional human coach offers more in-depth and transformational interaction. This is why we do not expect iRobin to match the professional human coach in the years ahead. However, iRobin can help you explore your coaching question, provide some guidance and also complement the coaching process in a valuable way. Looking for senior human coaches? Then take a quick look here: Human coaches.

How does iRobin handle privacy?

iRobin’s AI process requires individual data. iRobin takes its responsibility to protect your privacy very seriously. Within your own iRobin environment, you can delete all your dialogue messages at any time and also delete your entire account with just 1 click. Where data is shared with OpenAI, this is only done in an anonymized way so that your privacy remains guaranteed. For more information, see here: General conditions and privacy policy.

How does iRobin handle information security?

iRobin is covered by the UNLOQ ISO 27001 certification (Information security), uses SSL-encrypted connections to ensure maximum data security and is fully GDPR compliant.

How does iRobin ensure ethical standards?

iRobin is developed by UNLOQ. UNLOQ is one of the forerunners in digital coaching and has coached tens of thousands of clients online. Our ‘Code of Conduct and Ethical Behavior’ also applies to iRobin. However, iRobin has no awareness and is not literally aware of this code but is programmed to follow it to the best of its ability. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that iRobin follows our code 100%. For this reason, we advise anyone who wants more certainty in this area to seek the help of a UNLOQ human coach. See here for our coaches: Human coaches or our code: Code of Conduct.

Is iRobin always available?

In principle, iRobin is available 24/7. Due to busy traffic or other technical reasons, this may sometimes not be the case. We therefore make no guarantees for this availability.